LUX Flash Housing


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lux flash housing lux flash housing
lux flash housing

Godox TT685 included

The LUX includes a Godox TT685 flash specific to your camera model

lux flash housing

Intuitive button layout

Provides full control over all flash settings

lux flash housing

2.4GHz x radio system

Lets you control multiple flashes or fire the LUX wirelessly in the water

lux flash housing

Quick-cam mount

Allows fast setup without the need for tools

lux flash housing

Safety locking clips

For ease of setup and an even seal every time



The Lux Flash Housing features a brand new housing design with an included Godox TT685 series flash, creating a functional and versatile lighting solution in the water.

Designed specifically for the TT685 flashes, the LUX borrows controls from our EVO and Elite II Housings for superior control over all flash settings. Safety locking clips from our Elite II housings secure the LUX with even pressure on the HAR O-Ring seal and require no tools for setup.

The new quick-cam mount connects to the supplied Pro Mount V3 without the need for any additional tools. Easily remove the LUX or interchange with your action camera on the Pro Mount V3 when lighting is not required.

Our 6 pin flash sync system allows the LUX to support TTL and high-speed sync (for Canon and Nikon only) in the water with hard wired options available up to 30ft for underwater lighting. You can also combine the LUX with the new SYNC Transmitter Housing to wirelessly trigger the LUX at distances up to 100m above water, or slave another LUX housing to the master unit for multiple lighting effects.

The Godox TT685 features a built in 2.4GHz X radio system, offering the ability to control multiple flash units, or to fire the unit wirelessly without needing to attach any additional receivers. With a Guide Number of 60m/190ft at ISO 100 at 105mm, it also offers plenty of power for many lighting situations.

Whatever the shoot calls for, the versatility of the LUX housing provides the solution you need to capture images that will wow your clients and fans alike.



Construction - Polyurethane body, stainless steel controls, hard anodised aluminium mount, clear acrylic backplate

Controls - Test, Mode, Function 1, Function 2, Function 3, Function 4, Wireless selection, Dial, Set.

Dimensions - L15 x W14 x H24cm (with Pro Mount V3 installed)

Weight - 1.9kg / 4.2 lb

Depth Rating - 10m / 33ft


  • LUX Flash Housing (please choose the compatible camera manufacturer option)
  • Godox TT685 Flash (requires 4 x AA batteries not included)
  • Pro Mount V3 /V4  - Please refer to the instructions to suit your housing model.
  • Camera Hotshoe Connector
  • AquaTech Flash Bulkhead
  • M5 Stainless Steel screw
  • 5mm allen key