Quick Clip Camera Strap


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The Quick Clip Camera Strap from AquaTech is an adjustable camera strap that is strong, high quality, breathable and quick to remove or swap between cameras. Designed to be worn on the shoulder, neck or as a sling, the Quick Clip Camera Strap is a versatile and practical piece of equipment for anyone needing a quality camera strap. The quick-release anchors are designed to carry even the biggest cameras and are small enough to remain unobtrusive to the photographer.

The strap is a comfortable 2” wide design with a slight curve allowing for an even distribution of weight. The underside of the strap features a non-slip silicon dot pattern to safely secure the strap to your shoulder or neck. Included, is a set of four camera anchors to work with the Quick Clip Camera Strap and an additional On-The-Go Anchor for when you need to ensure your equipment is close to your body and out of harms way. The On-The-Go Anchor keeps your lens safely facing down when you’re on the move rather than having your lens facing outwards like a traditional camera strap would.

The Quick Clip Camera Strap is designed to be used with other AquaTech products like our Sports Housings, Sports Shields, Sound Blimps and is designed to work with all major camera manufacturers camera models.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 2.5” (450mm x 65mm) (L x W )

Weight: 7oz (200g)

Material: Waterproof breathable fabric, abrasion resistant nylon webbing and side release buckles, silicon dot grip and closed cell foam padding.