AxisGO Waterproof Case for for iPhone 14/13 Range


       - Now compatible with all iPhone 14 models

  • Compatible with iPhone® 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus
  • One housing fits all iPhone 14 and 13* models
  • Supports latest features such as Macro, Cinematic Mode and RAW capture
  • Depth rated to 10m/33ft 
  • Full touchscreen access
  • Bluetooth Shutter Grip recommended for greater control when shooting photos/video at depths greater than 3m/10ft for extended periods
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Product Features

AxisGO underwater housing allows you to capture underwater photos on your iPhone using the best 100% waterproof and shock resistant housing technology available.


Whether you’re swimming through reefs, surfing or snorkeling, capture the perfect action shots straight from your iPhone, time after time. A durable casing with an underwater rating of 10 meters, this innovative underwater housing for iPhone models enables you to use your smartphone to take incredible photos or videos straight from the native camera app on your phone.

Underwater housing for iPhone with easy setup

The AxisGO has been created with the user experience in mind. It’s so easy to configure that the whole family will enjoy capturing unforgettable memories with it. Simply insert your iPhone into the AxisGO Underwater iPhone Housing and clamp the case shut, now you’re ready to hit the waves to start capturing images. Whether you’re on a fishing trip, snorkel tour or simply enjoying a day at the beach, this housing will ensure your phone remains protected while you capture the action.

Broadcast live while you surf the waves

The beauty of the AQUATECH AxisGO Underwater iPhone Housing is that your device will be protected from the elements while retaining full functionality. With complete touchscreen access and no need for third-party apps, you’ll be able to stream live on your favorite social media platforms while you enjoy everything the surf has to offer. You’ll even be able to make live video calls to friends and family while you enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

No need for specialist equipment

One of the biggest barriers to getting the perfect action shot in the water has been access to technology - until now. With the AQUATECH AxisGO Underwater iPhone Housing, you’ll be able to take photographs using a conventional smartphone, without the need for expensive specialist camera equipment - although make no mistake: AQUATECH technology is as innovative as it comes, and this unique design will allow you to take your photos to another level on a budget.

How does the AQUATECH AxisGO Underwater iPhone Housing work?

The AxisGO underwater housing for iPhone models features a clear touchscreen that can be operated while you’re above the surface of the water, allowing you to ready your phone to capture the desired content on your app of choice. Accessories like the AxisGO Bluetooth Pistol further enhance the functionality of the AxisGO by allowing you to capture images and start/stop video recording with ease. With the AQUATECH AxisGO Underwater iPhone Housing for iPhone, getting photos or videos ready for social media is easy. Just point and shoot your iPhone camera, get the shots you want and upload them straight to your favorite social media network. Wow your friends and family with real-time photos, video calls and social media streaming as you undertake the adventure of a lifetime.

Safety and durability

AQUATECH understands that smartphones contain practically all the important information in our lives. This is why the AxisGO Underwater Housing for iPhone has been designed with safety and durability at the forefront. Our technology has been tested in some of the most extreme locations in the world and is backed by a full warranty for added peace of mind. While many smartphones have water resistant capabilities as standard, they aren’t specifically designed for action use without adequate protection and are still far from “waterproof”. Your phone’s water resistance will also decrease over time as components age and deteriorate. Some manufacturer warranties also do not cover “liquid damage”. Don’t risk losing precious photos and information from your phone: protect it with the AQUATECH AxisGO Underwater Housing and spend more time living in the moment and less time worrying about the safety of your device.

Order today and capture the images you dream of

Whether you’re a regular water sports enthusiast or have an upcoming holiday or event planned, it’s never been easier to get the ultimate underwater shots. Order the AQUATECH AxisGO Underwater Housing for iPhone and start planning the perfect social media content today.


iPhone 14, Pro, Pro Max, Plus, iPhone 13, Pro, Pro Max

What's In The Box

  • AxisGO Underwater Case
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Silicon O-Ring Grease
  • Quick Setup Guide
*Not compatible with iPhone 13 mini
**iPhone 14/14 Plus will have a vignette when using the ultra wide lens. The vignette is removed by zooming to 0.6x
iPhone is shown for demonstration purposes only and is not included with the sale of any AxisGO product.
This AxisGO model is NOT compatible with the original AxisGO Pistol Grip. Please ensure you are using the AxisGO Bluetooth Pistol Grip only.

axisgo for iphone 13 pro max collage

Take your photography to new levels with AxisGO and iPhone 14 range. AxisGO supports all the latest features of the iPhone 14 models. No 3rd party apps or additional accessories required. Just use your phone, your way.

axisgo underwater iphone case for iphone 13

iphone 13 pro macro photography

Macro Mode

Capture the finest details and experiment with striking compositions with macro mode

Cinematic Mode

Take control of the shoot and create striking videos fit for Hollywood


3 Lenses In 1

A lens for any occasion, with full support across the ultra wide, wide and telephoto lens**

axisgo underwater iphone case
loading the axisgo for iphone 13

Designed for iPhone®

AxisGO is designed specifically for iPhone, meaning no added bulk or complicated setup. Just set your phone in, click the lock and go. It's that easy!


Glass Lens Port

Aside from offering the highest quality images, the glass lens port is also scratch resistant

iphone underwater case touchscreen

Full Touchscreen

The touchscreen is tough and robust with much more flex and touch sensitivity than other designs on the market



With one size, the AxisGO will accommodate the iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13

axisgo iphone accessories

Push your creative boundaries and explore the range of AxisGO accessories. Whether you're in the surf, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, boating or just hanging around the pool. Capture those special moments with new angles and perspectives and make stunning images.


Bluetooth Pistol Grip

Single handedly capture images or videos with our most popular must-have accessory


AxisGO Dome Port

Capture dazzling over/under images on your phone with our 6” Dome Port. A unique accessory for those magic moments!

axisgo 13 over under kit

Over/Under Kit

Our most popular bundle, everything you need to create amazing over/under images with your phone
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Action Kit

Be ready for anything and take the AxisGO along on your next adventure
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tracey Petrass
Love my AxisGo Waterproof Case

I recently went snorkelling & whale watching in the Comoros Islands (off the coast of East Africa), & used my new AxisGo Waterproof Case for my iphone14 for the first time. It was fantastic - the touch screen etc worked perfectly, with the advantage of already being familiar with my iphone & not having to figure out a new waterproof camera. So easy to use, & my photos & videos (manta ray, fish etc) turned out great. The only negative was my iphone became really hot while in the casing (taking photos while in the boat to protect it from water while we were being drenched from the waves), & most of the photos/videos turned out really hazy. Once i realised, I kept the case open until needed, & no further issues. Obviously I had no issues in the water. Highly recommend this case!

Kallyne Fonseca
I hate this company

you said you would send 1 at the most 2 days after placing the order, and I had a date to leave Australia, the cover stayed there!

So much fun

I am having so much fun using my axisgo. So glad o purchased.

Alexandra Williams
Good simple product

This iPhone case is great and after a few plays I am very pleased with the results. My one criticism is the huge difference in price. I live in the UK and the price was double what it is in Australia. Luckily I had time to ship to Australia using their website. I would like a case for it but wondering how much that will cost?!

Anthony Long
Just bloody brilliant

Kills my gopro anydau