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Compac / Elite 6D2 Water Housing with Pistol Grip
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The Compac / Elite 6D2 Water Housing from AquaTech is designed to work with the Canon 6DmkII.

Built with a Polyurethane construction.  The controls are tactile, using stainless steel, aluminum, and high strength plastics.  All of the aluminum parts have been anodized for maximum protection and product longevity. Featuring an interchangeable port system for a range of lenses, Quick Release clips with a safety latch, and 2 standard tripod mounting points. The Compac 6D2 comes with a Pistol Grip Trigger for plug and play shooting.

The Compac / Elite 6D2 water housing is also able to be used with other accessories, such as Flash Housings and Pocket Wizard housings.

This water housing uses the P Series Lens Port system. An additional purchase of a lens port is required to correctly use this product if you do not already own a current P Series Lens Port. You can view these full range HERE


Construction - Polyurethane body, Stainless steel controls, as well as hard anodized aluminum.

Controls - Playback, Video / Stills control, Rear Main dial, and Shutter.

Dimensions -19.0cm(7.5) Wide x 17.1cm(6.75) HIgh x 12.7cm(5) Front to Back

Weight- 1.6 Kg (3.6lb) Housing Only

Depth Rating - 33ft / 10meters


  • Compac 6D2 Water Housing
  • Pistol Grip Trigger
  • Camera Plate
  • Instructions
  • Toolkit