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Sensory Gloves
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AquaTech Sensory Gloves keep your hands warm and in control in harsh environments while still allowing you access to your camera's controls. Also great for smartphones or other touch screen surfaces.

The construction of the Sensory Glove reflects AquaTech's engineering excellence! A high-tech fleece lining on the wrist and fingers provides great resistance to cold temperatures that can numb your hands and cause difficulty in operating camera controls.

Silicone nubs cover the palm for superior gripping. The body of the Sensory Glove is made from several panels stitched together instead of a seamless piece of fabric for a better fit to your hand.

For precise camera control, the print face of the thumb and index finger are sealed in a layer of neoprene with a small hole meant to allow you to push your digits through the glove when needed and then retract them to keep warm!


When the measurement is between sizes, choose the smaller size.


  • Water resistant breathable outer shell
  • Double fast drying breathable insulation layers
  • Fleece seal for wrist and fleece cover for fingertips Thumb and Index Finger reveal for fine control
  • Silicon Nubbed Palm for superior grip
  • Adjustable wrist lanyards to hold gloves to your jacket Available in Black/Moss Combination color


Sensory Gloves