Ocean Ramsey

AMBASSADORS Ocean Ramsey Ocean has worked in the water with over 32 different species of sharks around the world. With an extensive educational and professional background in marine biology and work in the field with a large number of marine animals (focusing primarily on shark behavior and specifics on territorial body language, social hierarchy, and behavior changes in relation to human presence and other external influences), Ocean’s masters research is the basis for the pelagic program.  Ocean has also worked more than a decade as a professional SCUBA (PADI MSDT 10+ Year) free dive instructor (Constant Weight Depth: 175ft. Static Breath...

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Juan Oliphant

AMBASSADORS Juan Oliphant Juan Oliphant is more than just an underwater photographer, his conservation efforts and understanding of shark behavior have made him a leading presence in his field. Juan's primary goal with his work is to create an initiative for a global perception change for one of the most misunderstood species on the planet; sharks. Juan finished his degree in fine art and photography at BYUH in Laie Hawaii, 20 minutes from where he grew up at Chuns reef of North Shore, Oahu. Juan is one of the founders of One Ocean Research and Diving, Water Inspired Conservation Group,...

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Corey Wilson

AMBASSADORS Corey Wilson Corey Wilson - is a world class photographer and content curator. Shortly after high school Corey enrolled at Brooks Institute and received a bachelors degree in professional photography. He began his career as senior staff photographer at Surfing Magazine where he used his technical and creative expertise to produce imagery for the magazine. His love for photographing the ocean and surfing has led Corey to some incredible travels around the world. Corey has worked alongside and shaped campaigns for a wide variety of elite companies such as Mercedes Benz, Ralph Lauren, Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Red Bull,...

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