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Al Bello shoots Lexi Thompson

Al Bello was given the task by Red Bull to shoot professional golfer Lexi Thompson in an underwater setting with an element of a tribute to the iconic Muhammad Ali shoot for Life Magazine.

Al shot with the Delphin 1D Water Housing for the Canon 1Dx MKII and the P-145 Lens port for the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 II L Lens. The lighting was connected via our PocketWizard connectors and tethered to a pair of Profoto B4 packs.

The below images and video are taken from PETAPIXEL.

You can follow more of Al's work via his Website & Instagram

Photo | Al Bello - underwater photo of Lexi Thompsonunderwater photography of Lexi Thompson

black and white underwater photo taken with camera water housing

Photo of modeling shoot using AquaTech water housings