The Mystic Ocean/Swim Goggles - Black


- Adult fit goggle for all water disciplines

- Designed by THIRD EYE and Gerry Lopez

- UV400 lenses provided eye protection against harmful ultra violet rays

- Double lenses are impact resistant polycarbonate with anti-fog treatment

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The Mystic goggles are the premier Ocean/Swim goggle in THIRD EYE’s G-LAND series. Inspired and co-designed by the eternal waterman Gerry Lopez. 

The Mystic goggles represent the results of Gerry’s experiments with eye protection under the harsh Indonesian sun. The objective of the experiments? Protect your eyes so you can spend more time in the water.

“I’ve seen grown men cry like children because of sunburned eyes...
Strong men! The pain can be excruciating!” — GERRY LOPEZ

Forty years on, Gerry has shared his knowledge, experience and inspiration to co-design the THIRD EYE Ocean/Swim goggle series, o
ering his premier goggles of choice to all that play in the planet's oceans, waterways and rivers. 
The Mystic Goggles are not just limited to surfing, the Mystic crosses over to all water sport disciplines in salt and freshwater alike; surf, sail, swim, jetski, paddle boarding and core water training. From bohemian surfer to Navy Seal, this action goggle series will find their way into your life, protecting your eyes from the elements of sun, salt, wind and cold temperatures.
A Generous 100% elastomer silicone skirt fits most adult faces and is available in black or THIRD EYE Camo. 
third eye goggles gerry lopez

THIRD EYE is the company born and bred from the souls of those surfing the ocean’s waves and living the coastal lifestyle. Since the mid 1990’s, THIRD EYE has been bringing the truth and beauty of the planet and her oceans to the light for all to see. Our products are created and tested by those who are committed to a life lived in the ocean, and we strive to cultivate respect and honor for our planet and all her waters.

About Gerry Lopez:
Gerry Lopez grew up in the waters off Waikiki, Hawaii just as surfing’s legendary Alii’s before him. After nurturing a poetic and intimate relationship with the world’s most famous wave, The PIPELINE, he set his sights on distant horizons for waves yet to be ridden in places little known; the frontiers of Indonesia. Along with these new found reefs, edged within equatorial jungles, it became obvious the extreme elements of nature were something that had to be dealt with. Since this time in the early seventies, Gerry has sought the perfect eye protection from the glare of the harsh Indonesian sun and has never stopped his quest until now.





Dimensions: 65mm x 75mm x 70mm (packaged)

Weight: 150gm (packaged)



What's In The Box

- The Mystic Ocean/Swim Goggles

- Care instructions

- Carry case


Warranty Information:
Warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper use, improper maintenance, modifications, repairs nor neglect resulting beyond normal wear and tear or ageing.

Warranty does not cover silicon which is nicked, sliced, scratched, punctured or frayed. Third Eye will not cover cosmetic damage except when in new/unused condition in original case or packaging. Scratched lenses, chipped, marred or etched glass will not be covered once used.

To protect your Third Eye product from damage, store in the personalised case (included) immediately after use.

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Jake Eisen

The inside of the lenses were terrible and now I can’t see out of them.