Ambassador Russell Ord

From the home town of Margaret River, Western Australia, Russell Ord, steers clear of the crowds. Instead, he will venture out into secret spots on the rugged WA coast or locations more than 15km offshore in the Southern Ocean, where he is at peace swimming into some of the heaviest waves imaginable. His shots provide a unique view into the depth of the impact zone. Russell’s work has been shown around the globe and appears in some of the biggest publications around the world. Being able to put his body into the places he shoots is amazing but bringing along his camera and sharing these moments with the world is truly extraordinary. "The last few years I've kind of gone away from capturing every single moment, and now I'm just trying to get that one moment that's challenging to myself. “So that means swimming right into the thick of things and seeing what we can do.! Your whole life revolves around that; what you eat, how you breathe and how you train." - Russell Ord.