Ambassador Krystle Wright

Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Krystle Wright now calls the worldwide road her home as she chases adventures and expeditions with camera in hand. Driven by a passion to capture the most unique perspective not yet thought of, Krystle Wright is a pioneering photographer who is accelerating the awareness and visibility of the most extreme sports and athletes in the world. On a continual quest to challenge herself and others mentally and physically, Krystle consistently brings attention to the demands of the adventures and landscapes that the public is rarely fortunate enough to be exposed to. Krystle has recently been awarded the Canon EOS Masters title and joins an elite team of photographers supported by Canon Australia. Krystle's mission is to see how far she can drop off the beaten path, exploring the far flung corners of this Earth with her classic Australian sarcastic wit and a fine taste for Tequila.