Ambassador Ray Collins

Interpreting water and shaping light while swimming in the ocean are the two things that keep Ray awake at night. Having picked up his first camera in 2007, Ray’s heroes in photography have since become his colleagues.

With the ocean as a vulnerable, raw, living entity. He captures the intimate and the ephemeral moments that are missed by the naked eye with the hope of preserving its preciousness for generations to come.

Ray’s images have often been described as portraits of the sea as he has the ability to capture these moments which appear and disappear so his main focus being able to show the quickly one could visit the ocean every day for the rest of their lives and never see that side of the waves and water Ray continues to chase the changing moods of oceans around the globe.

Ray's work has been featured by Vogue, Wired, New York Post, Yahoo, CNN, ABC (USA), ESPN, Greenpeace, The Australian, Huffington Post & BuzzFeed and can regularly be found in Art, Lifestyle, Sport and Photography Magazines around the world, his Seascapes have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout The United States, Europe, Asia, The UK and Australia.