Ambassador Ben Thouard

Ben grew up in the south of France where the waves are small. His father was a sailor and taught him everything about the ocean. Rocked by waves and wind, he received an education in close connection with nature and especially the sea. Coached by his older brothers, he quickly fell in love with surfing and spent the most time possible in the ocean. He discovered photography at the age of 15 and started shooting his friends who surfed. After learning the basics of photography in Toulon, Ben then studied at the Paris Photography School. He managed to achieve his dreams of traveling to Hawaii and capturing some amazing images. During the next couple of years, Ben traveled the world alongside professionals in search of photogenic landscapes and waves that had never been surfed before. At 22, he decided to move to Tahiti. Ben quickly made Teahupoo’s famous wave his backyard and his favorite place to shoot. In the recent years, Ben has risen to the top of the game is noted as one of the leading photographers based in the tropical paradise called French Polynesia. Magazine covers, advertising campaigns, award-winning images captured from the water and around it has to lead to global success and acknowledgment from his peers and many happy clients worldwide Finally, Ben now dedicates a lot of his time shooting waves and ocean images.