Trade In Policy

AquaTech Imaging Solutions NSW Pty Ltd (AquaTech) Sport Housing trade-in program offers Australian and New Zealand customers the opportunity to trade-in a used Sport Housing made by AquaTech or a competitor in exchange for a store credit which can be used to purchase new AquaTech sport housings and equipment. Customers who wish to participate in the trade-in program must first complete a trade-in form and submit images and a short video(optional) of the Sport Housing to After receipt of the trade-in form and images the AquaTech technical sales team will review the trade-in request and contact the customer to discuss the program and provide further instructions if the Sport Housing meets the minimum standards to qualify for the trade-in program. If the Sport Housing passes the pre-inspection the customer will be instructed to send the housing to AquaTech address listed on the trade-in form. Customers may also schedule an appointment and drop off the sport housing into the AquaTech store in Woonona, NSW for assessment. Once received the sport housing will be physically inspected by our technical service team and assigned a trade-in valuation which will be used to offer a store credit. Any sport housing that does not meet the minimum standards for the trade-in program will be returned to the customer. The cost of return shipping would be the responsibility of the customer.
Trade In Program Policy
  • The AquaTech trade-in program is offered and available to Australian and New Zealand customers only.
  • Before a trade-in will be considered all customers must submit a sport housing trade-in form along with recent photos and a short video(optional) of their sport housing and send it to
  • The AT Technical Sales team will review each trade-in application form, images and video and conduct a pre-inspection visual assessment.
  • If approved the customer will be requested to send or bring their sport housing to AquaTech’s Woonona, NSW office for physical inspection and appraisal.
  • If not approved the customer will be notified in writing the sport housing does not qualify for the trade-in program.
  • AquaTech Imaging Solutions reserves the right at its sole discretion to decline or reject any sport housing which it believes does not meet the minimum requirements.
  • If the sport housing qualifies for the trade-in program AquaTech will complete a trade-in valuation and submit a written proposal to the customer.
  • If agreement is reached between the Customer (seller) and AquaTech (buyer) a sale and purchase agreement will be prepared and must be signed by both parties.
  • All trade-in sales are considered final upon the issuance of store credit and purchase of the new AquaTech products.
  • Normal product warranty applies to any new products purchased.
  • All trade-in sport housings that do not pass physical inspection will be placed back in their original packaging and returned to the customer by FedEX Ground or USPS ground economy at the customer’s expense.
  • Customers who are nearby the office may opt to drop off and pick up their equipment by scheduling an appointment. We will work to ensure all trade-in requests are processed in a professional and timely manner and any store credits offered are made available to complete the purchase of new sport housing and accessories.