AxisGO 6" Dome port


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AxisGO 6" Dome Port
for AxisGO 7/8 and 7+/8+


Designed for use with the AxisGO Water Housing. Featuring a large 6” optically corrected acrylic dome element designed to perfectly match the native camera lens on your iPhone.

This is a perfect lens accessory for those looking to capture split shot images showing above and below the water surface. The dome port element also offers higher image quality underwater for those looking to capture stunning photos and razor sharp video.

The AxisGO Sport Housings features an interchangeable lens port system which allows the user to use a full range of lens port options. All lens ports must be installed in a dry environment and must be securely tightened prior to entering the water.

Designed for use at depths down to 33 feet (10 metres)diver taking photos underwater with iPhone 7 water housing and dome port


Construction -  machined aluminium, optically correct glass elements

Dimensions (WxD) - 6.22” x 3.14” // 158mm x 80mm

Weight - 350 grams