EDGE Pro Water Housing Canon EOS R6 Mark II / R6


- Compatible with the Canon EOS R6 Mark II & R6

- Lightweight and compact design, specifically for mirrorless cameras

- Depth rating of 10m/33ft

- 1 year warranty

- Industry leading servicing and support

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Product Features

The EDGE Pro Water Housing for the Canon EOS R6 Mark II & R6 is a culmination of the design principles AQUATECH have been perfecting for over 20 years. The EDGE is our most compact, advanced, and ergonomic water housing design to date. Built for the world's greatest surf and ocean photographers, to enthusiasts, and everyone in between. The EDGE is ready to help you take your underwater photography to new limits.


Lens Ports: Compatible with P-Series Lens Ports and Zoom Gears

Controls: Menu, rate, on/off, multi controller left & right, AF-ON, AE lock, AF point selection, erase button, play back, magnify, “Q” button, info, quick control dial 1, quick control dial 2. 

Dimensions: Width = 200mm, Height = 170mm, Depth = 115mm

Weight: 1.4kg (3lb)

Depth Rating: 10m/33ft

Construction: Polycarbonate body, stainless steel controls as well as hard anodised aluminium controls

Compatible Accessories: M3 Pistol Grip, LUX Flash Housing, SYNC Transmitter Housing, Pro Mount V4, Water Housing Body Cap, Side Handle Mount

What's In The Box

  • EDGE Pro Water Housing for Canon EOS R6 Mark II / R6
  • Cable Release
  • Main Side Handle
  • Palm Stopper Side Handle
  • Instruction Card
  • Camera Setup Tips
  • Tool Kit
  • Silicon Grease

aquatech edge water housing

Big on features, not size

The EDGE is smaller and lighter than Elite II Housings, making moving through the water effortless

aquatech edge camera water housing

Dual Safety Clips

Setting up your housing shouldn't be a drag. Our purpose built Safety Locking Clips allow simple and fast setup, and robust protection

aquatech edge water housing for underwater photography

Your housing, your way

Choose your color option and mix and match the side handles to support the way you shoot

aquatech water housings trusted by the best

Trusted by the best

Our water housings have been trusted and used by the worlds best water photographers for over 20 years

aquatech underwater camera housing

1 year warranty

We work hard to create the best water housings for your needs and we're proud to back every housing with a full 1 year warranty


Looking for the best way to setup your camera for the most functionality in your housing?
View our setup tips video here

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kane Mcmillan

Great gear as per usual guys!! Stoked with it.

Dane Tatton
Almost happy

The water housing feels sturdy and well built, no issues with leaking at all. I've tried a few techniques for keeping the water droplets off the front of the lens port, but I'm waiting on a small silicone squeegee to arrive in the mail to assist with keeping that lens port clear.

Once the lube is applied the buttons are smooth to operate. Maintenance is simple, just an outside a wash in fresh water after each use.

The only complaint is that one of the rubber dials is not attached very well and it falls off easily. I have spoken to Aquatech support and unfortunately I'll have to send back the housing in order to have it fixed. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long so I can get back out to the water.

I'm starting a new instagram account for water sports, mainly surfing and diving: @sharkbait.au, if anyone wants to check out the content or has any questions about how the gear is performing.