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AquaTech Zoom Gears allow full zoom control on compatible AquaTech Water Housings. The zoom gears operate in a smooth and responsive manner and are available for a range of different lenses. Our Zoom Gears are made from Delrin, a strong and lightweight material, and will not lose their shape over time or with use.

The Zoom Gear pitch is matched perfectly to the Zoom Control on the inside of the Water Housing for fast, responsive control in those critical situations when quick changes to your lenses focal length are needed.

Each Zoom Gear is designed specifically for a certain lens, however some zoom gears can support multiple lens options. For more information on which zoom gears are compatible with multiple options please refer to the P Series Lens Port Reference Chart.

AquaTech Zoom Gears are compatible with the following housing models:

  • EVO
  • EDGE
  • Elite II
  • Elite
  • Base II
  • Base
  • Compac
  • Delphin 

Customer Reviews

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Darren Chambers
Zoom gear doesn’t fit

Ordered the lens port and zoom gear for my Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 and the zoom gear doesn’t fit correctly.
Doesn’t hug the lens at the camera side so when you try and zoom it just pushes the zoom gear and then spins. Consumer service in Australia for this problem was an absolute joke too.