SYNC Transmitter Housing


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sync transmitter housing sync transmitter housing
sync transmitter housing

TTL and HSS support

TTL metering modes and Hi-Speed sync are supported with compatible triggers

sync transmitter housing

Compact design

The compact size accommodates a range of popular transmitters

sync transmitter housing

Wireless off-camera flash

Combine with the LUX Flash Housing for wireless off camera flash in the water

sync transmitter housing

Quick-cam mount

Allows fast setup without the need for tools


The SYNC Transmitter Housing is a compact and easy to use housing that supports a range of flash transmitters. Wirelessly connect your camera to one or multiple professional strobes, or even speedlights to create a range of lighting effects that capture your unique vision.

The simple design of the SYNC connects to your water housing via our 6 Pin Sync cable system and has the ability to support TTL modes and Hi-Speed Sync (for Canon and Nikon only). 6 Pin Sync cables are available in a range of sizes up to 30ft, so you can float your SYNC to the surface to continue to transmit the radio signal even if you’re well below the surface.

An amazing feature of the SYNC Transmitter Housing is the option to have the SYNC wirelessly control the LUX Flash Housing when using a Godox transmitter. This opens up a world of new options for wireless off-camera flash in the water with full TTL and HSS (for Canon and Nikon only).

The SYNC is easily secured with 2 thumbscrews to provide an even seal across the clear backplate. As the SYNC is able to support multiple brands with it’s control-free design, the exposure control for your lights can either be performed in camera or on the light itself.

The SYNC features a new quick-cam mount that connects to the supplied Pro Mount V3 without the need for any additional tools. Easily interchange your SYNC Transmitter Housing with an action camera on the Pro Mount V3 when lighting is not required.


Supported transmitters include

Profoto Air

Godox XPro (GoDox XProC and XProN only) - (compatible with LUX Flash Housing)



Construction - Polyurethane body, stainless steel thumbscrews and inserts, clear acrylic backplate, hard anodised aluminium mount.

Controls - There are no controls on the SYNC Housing. Settings can be adjusted in camera or on the light source.

Dimensions - L13 x W12 x H14cm - (with Pro Mount V3 installed)

Weight - 0.5kg

Depth Rating - 10m/33ft


  • SYNC Transmitter Housing (please choose the compatible camera manufacturer option)
  • Pro Mount V3 /V4  - Please refer to the instructions to suit your housing model.
  • 13" 6 Pin Flash Sync Lead
  • Camera Hotshoe Connector
  • AquaTech Flash Bulkhead Connector