happy new year from the team at aquatech

In this video we show you the easy setup process of the AquaTech AWS and Eyepieces plus some of the key features. The AquaTech All Weather Shield is designed to provide your camera equipment with protection against nearly any environment, whether it is rain, salt, sun, dust or snow. The AWS product is based on a modular system. The AWS primary can be used by itself for prime and smaller zoom lenses, with the option to add extensions in small, medium or large to cater for other lens choices. The All Weather Shield is made from three ply Ripstop waterproof breathable fabric. The Ripstop woven face fabric makes it very strong and with exceptional abrasion resistance but at the same time is very light and compacts easily. The fabric is also treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) for excellent water shredding performance. Each AWS is tape seam sealed offering complete protection against even the harshest environments. The AquaTech Eyepieces make a great replacement for the manufactures supplied part and are necessary to complete the snug and complete seal of the AWS Primary on your camera. Visit our website for the current reference charts to see what AWS product and Eyepiece fits your lens and camera at www.aquatech.net