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AquaTech supports Sea Shepherd

The Sea Shepherd's 2013/14 anti-whaling campaign in the Southern Ocean marks the organization’s 10th journey to the Antarctic region. Operation "Relentless" comes off the back of a very successful previous year in which operation "Zero Tolerance" saved a total of 932 whales. Over the past nine seasons, Sea Shepherd's direct action tactics have saved the lives of more than 4,500 whales and exposed the world to what really lies beneath the Japanese whaling fleet's guise of "research." 

Sam Edmonds / Photojournalist 

With an ever increasing support base in Australia and with Sea Shepherd's new Southern Operations base in Williamstown, Melbourne now established, we hope that Relentless will be more successful than ever in protecting this treasured species.  This year Sam Edmonds has been lucky enough to be invited on board the Steve Irwin to document the crew for the entire campaign. As a camera operator he will be living on board and photographing in some of the roughest conditions and harshest environments in the world.  The AquaTech products Sam will travel with will not only ensure that his equipment will be protected from the tough elements he will face, but also encourage confidence while shooting from the frontline and documenting moments previously unseen.

Sam's equipment for 2013/14 anti-whaling campaign 


Paralleling the crew's tireless endeavor to protect these amazing creatures, the production team and photographers will be striving to communicate the severity of this issue and the efforts of this organization to the rest of the world; to show people exactly what is happening in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and to emphasize the need for relentless defense of the whales.

We will be sharing updates from Sam and the team when we receive them, in the meantime you can follow the campaign at seashepherd.org.au

Captain Siddharth Chakravarty with the Steve Irwin vessel