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SEALEVEL - Silence of Change by Ted Grambeau

AquaTech ambassador Ted Grambeau has just release a new body of work called SeaLevel. Shot entirely from the water using the Nikon D810 water housing Ted was able to create the images he had swirling around in his mind.

SEALEVEL shot by Ted Grambeau

“The work is a series of of abstract fine art images shot at absolute Sealevel over the course of the last two years. Invisible to the naked eye as they are such fleeting moments the they are none the less real as they are as they are shot in camera. The invisible nature of this  occurrence in some way explains why it is difficult to comprehend something we can’t actually see, and hence even for some like myself whom has spent lifetime immersed at Sealevel I can see no perceptible  change. So for general public to comprehend incremental rises in Sealevel, over a few hundred years is understandably had to get one’s head around, let alone the whole concept of climate change. As surfers this is our domain so I feel somewhat compelled to attempt to at least raise awareness of the magnitude of this threat that climate change presents. In turn to empower individuals to make changes that eventual will force governments, corporations and organisation to look seriously at solutions. The aim is use my Art to create awareness.”

SEALEVEL shot by Ted Grambeau

To see more of Ted’s new body of work be sure to follow his adventures on his Instagram, Facebook andwebsite.