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Dave  Sandford
Dave Sandford

Dave Sandford is from London, Ontario, Canada. Shooting professionally for the past 22 years Sandford’s passion for photography was born from a love of animals & the environment at a young age. He started honing his skills as a pre-teen, & soon after started branching out across Canada to photograph flora & fauna. It wasn’t until 2015 that Sandford took his photography to a new level when he acquired his first Aquatech water housing. This enabled him to photograph the oceans, lakes & marine life in a way Dave had always envisioned, from within the water. In recent years Dave’s photography has given him the opportunity to tackle assignments around the world specializing in marine life from the Polar Regions to the warm South Pacific capturing diverse wildlife, landscapes & seascapes. Tackling assignments from the Arctic to Antarctica, Australia, Hawaii & the Kingdom of Tonga to name a few. Some of the subjects Sandford likes to key on are great white sharks, humpback whales, penguins & polar bears. Sandford is also well known for his wave series of Lake Erie photographs ‘Liquid Mountains’ where he tackled the challenge of “The Gales of November” in the cold, blustery conditions of the Great Lakes during the Autumn & Winter seasons in Canada.

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