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Warren  Keelan
Warren Keelan

Warren Keelan is a multi-international award winning ocean photographer based in Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. He spent the majority of his childhood living in National Parks along the southern coastline of Australia where he gained a deep appreciation of the natural environment and its many inhabitants. Warren purchased his first DLSR camera in 2010 and soon after adding a water housing to his gear collection he discovered a love of ocean photography and the many ways to interpret and translate the emotions and moods of the sea.

“I’ve always had a fascination with nature, especially the ocean and its ever changing forms, and I am compelled to capture and share what I feel are special and unique moments in the sea. I love the raw, unpredictable nature of water in motion and the way sunlight brings it all to life, from both above and below the surface. Over the past decade I have been privileged to have travelled to and experience some of the most incredible locations, swimming with and photographing everything from humpback whales and turtles to great white sharks and manta rays. Not to mention document and capture parts of our own amazing coastline, beaches and breaks.”

Warren’s images have been recognised and awarded highly in many international photographic competitions including the International Photography Awards, Moscow, Siena, Tokyo & Spanish International Awards, International Landscape, International Ocean & Australian Geographic. He launched his own photo gallery in Wollongong and has been operating since 2013, creating images for his print store, along with personal and commercial clients and projects worldwide.

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