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Mike  Lewis
Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis, is a word renowned swimming photographer based in San Diego. Mike began making photos in the early 80’s and immersed himself in all aspects of the photographic arts. Mike’s professional career in in photography began after 12 years working within the United States Olympic movement; he held a several executive level positions with USA Canoe/Kayak, USA Water Polo, and the USOC. Mike began shooting swimming as a young age group swimmer with Kodak 110 point and shoot camera – trying to recreate some of cool shots he and his teammates saw in the magazines at the time. His first work below the water’s surface came during his college career with disposable underwater cameras. In 2012 Mike began shooting with Aquatech and hasn’t looked back. Mike has done extensive work throughout the aquatic sports world where he has developed a reputation for capturing unique and engaging imagery. He is the official photographer for USA Swimming, and has done extensive commercial work with nearly all of the major swimwear brands. Mike remains an avid swimmer and enjoys bodysurfing and surfing.

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