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Ryan  Pernofski
Ryan Pernofski

Growing up in a small town on Australia’s NSW South Coast – Ryan Pernofski, spent most of

his time in and around the ocean. And while also discovering photography during this period

– riding waves on various crafts remained his primary focus. Ryan’s new-found hobby was

quickly & indefinitely adjourned when his friend lost his only camera at the beach. So, over

the next few years – Ryan’s photography efforts could be described as an “occasional

dabbler” at best – only shooting when he could borrow friends equipment.

Ryan didn’t get back into photography until the release of the iPhone & Instagram. The

iPhone, providing easy accessibility to a camera. And Instagram, providing inspiration & amp; a

place to publish one’s work. And so a world that used to be only occupied by the elite – was

now available for anyone. Even a 19-year-old baker from Bawley Point.

Whilst studying graphic design full time – Ryan obsessed over this new app, which provided

inspiration from photographers & creatives from all over the world. With no snow-capped

mountains in sight, and still no professional camera in his possession. Ryan decided to use

what he did have, in a place that he knew well. And spent any of his spare time between

baking bread & completing graphic design assignments - photographing everything around

his hometown, from steamy swamps to sunrise seas. The more Ryan photographed, the

more he found himself at the beach again. Returning to the places he grew up surfing – with

a now a new perspective and objective.

Ryan since, has accrued an international following on various social media platforms of over

700,000. Ryan currently works full time selling his prints & products on his personal online

store and running three other business endeavours which compliment his photographic

pursuits experience and industry connections.

Ryan has also been involved with two of Apple’s OOH #shotoniphone billboard campaigns &

creating content for the launch of their Instagram account @apple.

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