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Nikon D4s Launch with Corey Rich Productions

Corey Rich Productions was asked to complete the massive task of creating the launch videos for the all new Nikon D4s on the back of the successful "Why" movies for the D4 launch. AquaTech worked with the production team to get the very first Delphin D4s Sport housing in their hands and supped a wide range of Sport Shields and soft goods to help protect them and their equipment.

So far the trailer has been released and we look forward to seeing all three episodes of "Dedication" later this month. You can read a great recap of the project at Cory Rich's blog and below if the trailer for the series.

It was a huge honor to be asked by Nikon to help launch the new Nikon D4s. Over the last month, I’ve been hustling with an incredibly talented crew to create the motion campaign that will help launch the Nikon D4s.

Nikon developed an incredibly intriguing idea for the video component of the D4s campaign. They wanted me, a still photographer and a filmmaker/director, to use the D4s to shoot an inspirational film about three prolific photographers using the D4s to create powerful still photographs within their genres. Those photographers would be Dave BlackRobert Beck and George Karbus. Secondarily, they wanted us to shoot a behind-the-scenes film about the making of “DEDICATED.” Therefore, the film would be multi-layered in that it would tell stories within stories. Most camera-release videos involve setting stunning motion content to a nice soundtrack. “DEDICATED” breaks from that by verging on a very documentary-style approach, one in which authenticity and passion are the focus. I know we captured some great content in the field, and now our task is to transform that into a powerful short film" Corey Rich