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Shooting Half Under / Over with Chris McLennan

AquaTech ambassador Chris McLennan has written a fantastic article on his Beyondf8 blog which really explains the correct way to shoot those perfect split shot images of above / below. Whilst on assignment in Fiji Chris was asked by a client to showcase the new stand-up paddle boarding tours and also showcase the snorkeling on offer. With a quick sample of what was achievable, Chris was able to combine the two tasks into the one shoot.

Below is a short sample from the article by Chris.  To read the full story see the link below. Chris shoots with the Delphin D4, PD-85 Dome Port and the P-30EX extension ring.

Over/Under shot by Chris McLennan

“There are some unique challenges with using a dome port – the large dome does make it possible to shoot the split images but when it is submerged the dome throws a “projection” of the scene which can make focusing on your subject matter both under and over the water surface very difficult.  Through testing I know that with my particular setup the underwater “projection” is approximately 0.3 meters from the front of the dome.  This is very close so it is critical to use a lens that has close focusing capabilities.”

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