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Sound Blimps Used at US Masters

The US Masters at Augusta is one of the worlds leading golfing tournaments. The rules that surround what you can and cant shoot and mainly when you can shoot are very strict. For a long time now the rules have been mainly focused around shutter noise from the camera distracting the player on the backswing. The golden rule has been no shooting, period.

golfer in mid swing at the US Masters

The AquaTech Sound Blimp was originally designed for the film and TV set photographers but this type of application was always considered and we have had many of the top golf photographers use the AquaTech Sound Blimp with great success but this past US Masters at Augusta saw two of the sports leading shooters take the Sound Blimp to tee box and to the shock horror of many shoot on the backswing.

Robert Beck taking photos at the US Masters using AquaTech sound blimps

The images which Robert Beck and Donald Miralle captured flooded digital media, newspapers and even the cover of Sports Illustrated. Using a combination of Shadow and Scout Sound Blimp bodies and Lens Tubes the pair were able to shoot within meters of the players using wide angle lenses, but also stand side by side the thick pack of photographers using the more traditional 24-70mm & 70-200mm lenses in designated areas with a clear advantage of being able to shoot from the backswing through to the completed stroke.