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Stan Moniz and the Morning Shift

California morning's are usually on the bone chilling side for most of the year so my morning routine usually starts right before bed. I like to have everything at ready set go before I exit the door. After I do my follow up on swell and wind directions. I make sure my camera batteries are fresh, if using the flash I set that up to test if proper sync is there, clean the port and housing, decide on the lense I'm using that day, set all that up and lastly hang a warm dry wetsuit out for the next morning. I usually wake up before 6am, freshen up then throw that warm suit on and throw on a pair of jeans a t-shirt and hoodie over my suite. I grab my 2 gallon jug and fill that with hot water for my after session rinse grab my gear and I'm out the door within 5 minutes... Setting up at home definitely is the way to go for me. Right when I get to my morning break I'm out of the car and right in the water already warmed up and ready to go. Words by Stan Moniz.

Stan used the following equipment

Early morning wave by Stan Monizwave crashing with palm trees in the background by Stan MonizWave against a cloudy skypalm trees on the coast by Stan MonizPhotography of breaking wave at sunrise by Stan MonizCalifornia breaking wave photographyStan Moniz ocean photography with strike 910 flash housingStan at work pre sunrise with his Strike 910 Flash Housing, Photo Nathan French Photography