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The Beauty Below with Jesper Anhede

Jesper Anhede is no stranger to portraiture or underwater photography. He was kind enough to share this little insight into a special image he shot combining the two skills.

"This was a personal project I wanted to do just to see the result. The setup is super basic. We borrowed a pool with a large glass wall on one side, put a black backdrop in the water and used only the natural light.

My friend Cecilia (the model) is my photographic muse so I always harass her to try out new photo ideas. We basically just exhaled, descended in the water, and took shoots like that for over an over.
The gear I used here is AquaTech DC-5 V3 Sport Housing For Canon 5D Mark III together with a LP-DWZ port for my Canon 24mm f1.4 lens. I am planning to use the images for two purposes, to pitch a commercial gig and to make some kickass canvas for an exhibition.
Afterwards I have been using Adobe Lightroom to correct colors etc, Adobe Photoshop with Oil Paint filter and finally Analog Efex Pro to put on the light effects." 
See more of Jesper Anhede's work on his website, Instagram and Facebook
underwater model shot by Jesper Anhede