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Tiny Beautiful Moments with Deb Morris

 Deb Morris was born in Melbourne in the mid sixties moving to Sydney with her family in early 70’s. DebM spent her teenage years on Bondi Beach, growing up immersed in the surfing culture. Her father had a love of photography often having her act as his photographic subject & in turn this drew her attention to the technic and beauty photography possessed. At 14 Deb purchased her first camera, she would shoot local surfers then on sell her images to them, eventually financing her future equipment and world travels.

After a long stint of chasing summers around the globe Deb found herself immersed in the corporate world still with a passion for photography. Then after being victim of the GFC in 2009 Deb made the decision to turn her passion into her career. So in June 2010 when down the beach taking surfing photos Deb began to take images of the shore breakers, to her delight she knew she had found her niche, & so was born DebM WAVEART.

Deb unlike most other wave photographers does not use a housing and often lies in the shallows and jumps up high looking for those unique angles. We sent some of our Sport Shields to Deb to protect her equipment from the harsh working environments she normally shoots in and form the images below you can see the equipment was put through it's paces.

 Check out the website and awesome galleries HERE.

Photographer Deb Morris with underwater camera caseDeb Morris with underwater camera case splashing in waveDeb Morris wave photography photo of colorful curling wave by deb morris Arching wave photography by deb morris colorful arching wave photography translucent curling wave photography with underwater camera case Beautiful crashing wave photography