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Waterproof Flash Housing Lights it up!

By adding a waterproof Flash Housing to your equipment you might just open up some fantastic ways to get that unique look you're searching. We take a  look at three different techniques and tell you how these were achieved.

Centre Mounted Flash - Photo Stan Moniz

Lit up wave at sunset with waterproof flash housing


One of the most common styles of flash photography, the centre mounted flash gives the same effects as if you were using your camera out of the housing or water. Strong front light with a central shadow fall off. You can also mount the flash on the side handle of the Sports Housing with the same results for a stronger more stable mount for those times when the conditions are rough or a more compact camera rig is needed.

Off Camera Flash via Sync Lead - Photo Craig Parry

Surf lit up at night with AquaTech waterproof flash housing


By using a longer Flash Sync Lead you can move and hold your Flash Housing off camera to create some dramatic lighting and control the shadows more. This can be combines with lengths of 6ft, 12ft and 20ft leads to accommodate any shoot. It is also possible to combine multiple Flash Housings via our Split Lead. The Split Lead allows two Flash Housings to run in sync and be controls with different power outputs via the one lead.

Off Camera Flash - Photo Jeremy Cresswell

Underwater mirror image of women

When looking to really control the flash or lighting for your underwater work, you need to consider a setup which would consist of a link to your lighting source out of the water. We suggest the Pocket Wizard Housing to send a single from your housing, through the Pocket Wizards and then onto the light source. With using this setup you can still use an on camera flash also to act as a fill light underwater. For this image Jeremy used a Strike 600 Flash Housing as a fill light, a Pocket wizard transmitter in our housings to sync with a lighting pack pool side.

What ever your lighting needs are you can always trust that AquaTech has you covered. If you would like to explore the Flash Housings, Pocket Wizards or accessories please click on the links below.