Sport Housings

Trevor Clark and his crew for the day

The Power of Positivity - Trevor Clark

“Shoot this, shoot this!” I yelled across the beach to my video partner, Weston Walker, as I sprinted to the water.  He gave me a confused look, but he could see that I was serious and there was no time for questions. It all came together so quickly that I only had time to scramble for my camera in its housing and left my mask and fins behind. I hit the water and immediately began filming.  Waves were pounding into my back as our crew’s watermen were quickly adjusting and making a dream a reality.  It was a first for everyone....

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Ben Hicks - Behind the Images - AquaTech.AU

Ben Hicks - Behind the Images

Ben Hicks is a Southern Florida based photographer who specializes in water based commercial work capturing sports, wildlife and natural beauty for his clients and fans worldwide. Ben has been using AquaTech equipment for sometime and recently shared 5 images and short stories behind them. Ben uses the Delphin 1D Sport Housing as his main water housing and a varied range of lens ports to suit his Canon lenses. You can see more of Ben’s work via his website and check out his social media links at the bottom of this article. Chasing a swell in Dec 2014 with Matt...

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Phil Thurston with the AquaTech Elite 7D2 Sport Housing

Elite 7D2 Sport Housing: Tried and Tested

When we reached out to a customer of ours who had recently been testing some new equipment ahead of an upgrade what we heard back made us want to know more. We asked photographer Phil Thurston his thoughts on the new Elite 7D2 Sport Housing and P series lens ports and he was so happy we have combined his thoughts and some images to really showcase his experience with the new equipment. Phil grew up and still lives in a small coastal town. The ocean has always played a big part in his life. At times it was surfing with friends chasing...

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AquaTech All Weather Shields & Eyepieces

In this video we show you the easy setup process of the AquaTech AWS and Eyepieces plus some of the key features. The AquaTech All Weather Shield is designed to provide your camera equipment with protection against nearly any environment, whether it is rain, salt, sun, dust or snow. The AWS product is based on a modular system. The AWS primary can be used by itself for prime and smaller zoom lenses, with the option to add extensions in small, medium or large to cater for other lens choices. The All Weather Shield is made from three ply Ripstop waterproof...

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