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AquaTech - Camera Soft Hoods

  The AquaTech Soft Hood, being light and collapsible and very difficult to damage, is a practical alternative to the originally-supplied metal or carbon fiber hoods that you find with the enormous telephoto lenses for DSLR cameras. The Soft Hood comes with a pair of compression straps to perfectly affix the Soft Hood to the outer diameter of your lens barrel no matter the maker. In this clip we show you the easy setup process of the AquaTech Soft Hood and some of the key features. • Lighter than manufacturers’ hoods • Resistant to moisture and abrasion • Packs down...

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Exploring the Soft Goods Range - AquaTech.AU

Exploring the Soft Goods Range

The AquaTech Soft Goods range has been a stable of many photographers out there, but it can sometimes be forgotten with so much focus on the Sports Housing and Sound Blimp range. The unique product range is made up of equipment which is designed to offer better comfort, weather protection, equipment protection or just what we feel is a better option to what is possibly being offered by manufactures when some items are purchased. In this post we hope to explain briefly what each item does and how it could fit into your camera bag or daily shooting routine. Some of...

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Sound Blimps Used at US Masters - AquaTech.AU

Sound Blimps Used at US Masters

The US Masters at Augusta is one of the worlds leading golfing tournaments. The rules that surround what you can and cant shoot and mainly when you can shoot are very strict. For a long time now the rules have been mainly focused around shutter noise from the camera distracting the player on the backswing. The golden rule has been no shooting, period. The AquaTech Sound Blimp was originally designed for the film and TV set photographers but this type of application was always considered and we have had many of the top golf photographers use the AquaTech Sound Blimp...

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Love & Water photoshoot

Trash The Dress with Love and Water

The team at Love and Water have created some stunning images recently when they teamed up with a wedding dress designer and took to the clear waters of Maui. Read some text taken form their blog post and be sure to visit their website to see even more images form this amazing shot. Joelle Perry is a talented wedding gown designer on Oahu who agreed to let us use two of her pieces for an underwater photo shoot we have been dreaming up since moving to the island of Maui. One of the dresses was the very gown in which she walked down...

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